Kim Jong Un's Report at March, 2013 Plenary Meeting of C.C., WPK

A few months into the Elimination erasure poetry project, I found I was unable to gain access to the English-language version of the Rodong Sinmun website. This poem, "Supreme Leader," comes from a lengthy speech by Kim Jong Un - which I had fortunately saved earlier on - and provides a fitting end to the project. 
-C. Charles Bley

Respected Kim Jong Un, supreme leader of our Party and the people made a historic report at the March 2013 plenary meeting of the WPK

The content of the report is as follows

We've met the glorious road 
of ever known long dashing 

forward soaring spirit
wild and mobilizing 

This war is honor 
which no one dare pounce upon
revolution like an iron wall 
prospering parallel inevitable 

demand good with hunger

sanction satellite sovereignty 
thrown into frenzy

the people firm 
around the rose
stunned ambition 
smaller, lighter 

we, Korea
our dignity blackmailed

our sword enters steadily 
with the greatest desire 

our nation forever cold 
constant obstacle 
possessed by history 
hammer or sickle

we have been frustrated fierce 
and thus leap vicious 

the power is a treasured sword 
an embodiment of a lifelong wish 

giant on the shore 
of the new century
we build and exert 
and launch and upsurge 

the way of threat 
is a means of peace 

When we fear growing powerful 
the struggle of thriving driving us 

should prevail over the world 
and carry our people 
invincible and fighting 

by faith in their final victory

The original speech from which this poem was culled, given by Kim Jong Un in March of 2013, originally appeared 4.2.2013 on the website Rodong Sinmun. Title of article and name of publication are used here without permission. This project, 소거법 (Elimination), is defined by the application of poetic erasure to text from North Korean government "news sources" - with whose worldview the resulting poems are intended to clash, in their own small way.
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