Slowly but surely working out the Eight Arrows / Celosia And Wings album (including the above selections) with ISHE. Have been and will be dying to offer it to you when the time finally comes.

Chouchou Wagner
1983 - 2042

All music and videos below are free to download.

a live p.a. soundclash between Chouchou from the Uzi Café and Tim Tackett Hi Fi

primary SSII short film

 SSII auxiliary music video - culled from Antarctic research station surveillance footage

original SS Soundtrack

original SS short film

take a trip vicariously through Chouchou

music from Enbleyclopedia, a poetry audiobook by C. Charles Bley

recorded and misplaced 2006, rediscovered 2014

vocal samples from Babatunde & his Drums of Passion, used without permission

photo by Matt Schniper
top photo by Corrina Tackett