For the last ten years, nearly all my literature, music, paintings and videos went public here, at uzicafe.

Ten years in one place is either long enough, or too long. So, I've scrubbed the site down. 20 April 2020 began the final uziphase. 26 May 2020 ends it. Whatever shows up here in the interim either matters or doesn't. Decide for yourself. I don't reject an informed critique—on the contrary, I value and welcome it—but outside of that, I truly don't give a shit how anyone rates or interprets my work. It's neither my business to tell you how to interpret it, nor do I have any need to convince you it's great. My one interest is and always was to create arts and share them. End of list.

For the time being, selections from my music and video art can still be found on these sites:

...and the literature and paintings sections of will remain as long as the site itself does. However, they are only accessible via hidden hyperlinks. 

Mx. C. Charles Bley
MFA Wordsmith of Nonfiction, Drama
BA of Poetry
Videographer, Editor
Musical multi-instrumentalist
Visual artist

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